Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fur Baby Minis l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

Do you just have fur babies? Meaning no children yet, but you have pets that are your kiddos. That's Awesome, ME TOO!!! My family pictures consist of Myself, Skeatti, and Meatball. My animals are treated like children. I talk to them, no seriously, we have full on conversations.......embarrassing to admit, but so so so true. So, to me they are an important part in my life and I wouldn't have a family portrait done any other way.

I asked if it would be crazy to offer a mini day just for couples and persons that just have fur babies.....I had a great response. Which means I will be offering a day just for folks like me :)

The date for these will be June 14th, and I will be opening up SIX spots only, 3 morning and 3 evening. So turn to your fur babies and ask them 'do you want you picture taken?' And if you get the full on head tilt, that means YES :) Or at least that's how I feel Skeatti and Meatball answer yes :) 

A few of my family pictures:

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