Friday, November 8, 2013

My best friend has reached her third trimester

How do you write about your best friend? HMMMM, blogging has always been a struggle for me, as I find it hard to put my own emotion into a story, but this year I have found this to become a little easier.
You may have read about Dawn's Gender Reveal earlier this year, since then Miss Amelia has grown quite a bit and Dawn has experienced full blown pregnancy, all the while she is still glowing with radiance and enjoying this special gift from god.

Now I need to get back to the beginning of this. I had the pleasure of introducing Dawn and Sam New Years eve back in the day. First came love, then came marriage, and now comes baby. Dawn and Sam had been trying for about two years to conceive a bundle of joy. Through fertility drugs, fertility tests, many injections for Dawn, lots of pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, waiting, stressing, and tears I stood by her side. I got the angry/ upset phone calls. What do you tell your best friend that wants a baby so bad, but is struggling with getting the one thing she truly wants? The stop stressing speech didn't work, she's stubborn I tell ya. So we decided to start doing more things to get her out of the house since her husband worked all the time. This really helped Dawn not focus so much on taking a pregnancy test twice a day, or when she was ovulating next, well to an extent. We even had the surrogate talk one night, and I offered to be a surrogate for her and Sam.

We became on a set schedule of date night every Thursday, which I miss a lot by the way........ So on a particular Thursday I was having a HORRIBLE day, then came home to my mail box being hit and thrown in the ditch, so I called Dawn and told her we were going to get adult beverages cause it had been that type of day. On my way to meet Dawn, I stopped by to say hello to Stacy and see Brycen. I get a call from Dawn "WHERE ARE YOU?!?!" very loud and angry lol I explained I was at Stacy's I had stop to say hi and would be there shortly, she yells "I'm pregnant, you're supposed to be here!" I was overjoyed with those smalls words because I knew it was everything she and Sam wanted. And HA HA Sam she called me before you.....take that! Now being the content friend I am, and with her previous complications with pregnancy I stressed she needed to stay as stress-free as possible, and not make the announcement so public until she had the doctor's everything is okay. (she actually listened to that lol)
I can not put into words how extremely happy I am for Dawn and Sam, as we have seen so many ups and down through our friendship. And yes to this day we can't go a few days without talking, or we both feel kind of lost. Miss Amelia is going to be so loved, by so many. Dawn you are gorgeous as a mommy to be and I know you will make an amazing mom. I am so glad I don't only get to share these moments with you, but I get the pleasure of capturing these moments for you and Sam and everyone to remember years down the road.

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