Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Decorating for the Holiday on a budget l Personal

As home owners and pinterest followers we all want our homes to look a certain way for the holidays, especially if we are having guests over. And if you are a home owner you know it can be very expensive. I am a home owner all on my own, and a business owner so decorating for me must be a budget. I wanted to write this blog to let y'all know it can be done.

I am an advid follower of pinterest for home decor ideas. Sometimes what pinterest doesn't explain is how long something takes or how expensive it can get.

Here is my mantle this year for Thanksgiving. Last year I didn't decorate, and I wasn't super excited for the holidays. This year I am so excited to host Thanksgiving again and decorate for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
 Now, I will say I probably spent about $60 to do this project. Before you take a deep breath and think OMG that is a lot, I will break it down.

Hobby Lobby can be the devil store, or you can catch some really good deals. (and download the app to always use a coupon when checking out, it is normally 40% one item)

These glass bottles came from hobby lobby 50% off. So about $1.20 a piece. I did want all orange, but they didn't have enough. Now looking at it I am glad I had to get orange and red. The wheat stuff was at hobby lobby for $4.50. And the little letters were from hobby lobby for $2.99

This burlap wreath will be reused for a Christmas wreath, you do not have to buy new at every holiday. The wall had a blank space, and it drove me nuts so I removed the big red bow I had on it, placed it on the wall and thought PERFECT.

Wreath base: Hobby Lobby $4.00
Burlap ribbon: 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Originally $5.99 I bought a few for other projects. Made with hot glue and wrapping ribbon around strofoam and hot gluing the other side down. Red ribbon is actually from a throw I bought a target, it was wrapped around it with the label on the throw.

Frames I got from a garage sale, and I'm keeping them for Miss Katelyn's rustic Wedding next Oct, but what the hay why not put them to use in the mean time.

Burlap banner was made from burlap ribbon, cut into triangles. Hot glued onto old twine. And I hand painted the letters with brown paint I have for my bathroom downstairs (which is not done, but that will be a blog post in 2014, as I am determined to get that bathroom done over Christmas break)

Now the clock. This was originally $100 at Hobby Lobby. And this is where the store can be bad, but good. I found this on the clearance rack for $34, how could I seriously pass that up. And I can also use it in a up coming styled session as a prop.

The fabric is fabric from Shannon and Travis' Wedding photo booth last October. Small pumpkin is left over from Halloween. Decorative foliage is left over from making my harvest wreath last year, which stayed on my front door over a full year, and that was the only decoration I had up last year. Sad but true.

Don't be afraid to mix match items you have. Take a look at thrift stores, good will, hobby lobby during their sales.  You never know what cool items you will run across and be able to use more than once.

Good luck and happy decorating!!

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